Gamer Girl Bath Water - A Reality

Az Joyce

Ever been told something so ridiculous you think it’s a joke? I’m sure you have, I know I have, in fact it’s the whole reason I’m even writing this. As you’re probably aware, if you’re reading this, we just recently launched this site. So obviously I’ve been sharing a lot of our coverage on my personal social media. Earlier today a friend of mine commented on one of my posts asking “when are you going to write an article on gamer girl bathwater?”. I jokingly responded “later tonight when I get home”, well here I am, writing a f**king article on gamer girl bath water.

Now you maybe as confused as I was/am that this is a legitimate thing, a legitimate piece of “news” and a legitimate piece of merchandise you can purchase. Yes, you can purchase gamer girl bath water. Instagram Model/Influencer/Cosplayer/Gamer Girl Belle Delphine is offering fans the opportunity to purchase samples of her used bath water.

Not just any fans though, but ALL of the THIRSTY gamer boy fans out there.

Some times I question if this is reality or if I’m actually in the Twilight Zone. The crazy thing is Belle has actually SOLD OUT of the product which was $30 a pot. Belle is clearly a genius and has promised that stocks will be replenished. If I was her I’d just stay in the bath, all day and have staff scoop and pot the water for me whilst I watched my online banking to see the balance slowly rising. But that’s just me.

The real question here however is how thirsty does a gamer boy actually need to be, to want to purchase gamer girl bath water? Hopefully not TOO thirsty because her store explicitly states that the water is not for drinking, but is for sentimental purposes…

Obviously this hasn’t stopped YouTubers from purchasing, then sampling the taste of the water of course. More uniquely though one YouTuber by the name of Vito sampled the water using his vape, top points to you sir for creativity.

So there you have it, 2019, the year you can buy a small tub of gamer girl bath water. BRB while I go re-evaluate my source of income.

P.S. I wrote and investigated this entire article whilst pooping. Thanks for reading, keep crunchin’.


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