ANOTHER Xbox One Home Screen Redesign

Az Joyce

Microsoft has announced another refinement to the Xbox One home screen. This will be the 296th dashboard update… I kid but Microsoft has released multiple iterations since the launch of the console in 2013.

The big news from this update is the removal of Cortana support. We’ve come so far since the early days of Xbox One with Kinect and screaming Xbox On in our living rooms. The move is to see Cortana and voice commands move to the cloud e.g. using your Alexa devices with the Cortana skill.

The update was announced in the Xbox Wire Blog and has full details on changes. Mostly it’s just layout adjustments, the big one being the removal of twists from the top. So now Game Pass, Mixr, Store and Community will have their own separate buttons which you can see in the image below.

Updated Home Screen As Shown In The Xbox Blog
Updated Home Screen As Shown In The Xbox Wire Blog

Microsoft expects the changes here to bring performance increases with the removal of Cortana and a more streamlined experience. Users can get their hands on the new home screen this week if they’re a part of the Alpha Skip Ahead ring, the rest of us will receive it this fall.

Do you like the new look? Let us know in the comments below!

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