Bungie previews Shadowkeep at GuardianCon

Ed Willey

Over the weekend Bungie held a panel at GuardianCon in Florida where they teased a little more of what’s to come in the Shadowkeep expansion.

Due out in September, players will be returning to the Earths Moon, home to the Hive one of the more unpleasant enemy races you come across in the game. The teaser below gives glimpses of the new environments, which have tinges of the gothic horror and fantasy that are the hallmarks of the servants of the darkness.

A massive tower seems to be the focal point, looming over the surface of the Moon, and *maybe* the location of the upcoming new raid.

Eris Morn, the mournful doom-laden fan favourite character from Destiny 1, will be back to aid you on your journey into the Shadowkeep and will likely anchor the storyline for the expansion.

The Moon in D1 was always a deceptive place hiding much more under the surface than above and provided several high points for the franchise topped by the then Peter Dinklage voiced “We’ve awoken the hive!” sequence.

Of course, we’ll get to see what secrets and surprises Bungie have squirrelled away this time, when the expansion drops on 17th Sep kicking off the ‘Season of the Undying’ in which the Vex will be invading across the galaxy.

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