Final Fantasy VII Remake, E3 raises more questions than answers

Az Joyce

As the dust is settling and all of the info coming out of E3 is in the wild, maybe now we can start to digest exactly what the FF7 remake is.

First, a little perspective on this whole journey.

Fourteen years ago at the Playstation 3 E3 press conference, a trailer was shown for what many believed would be a remastering of Final Fantasy 7, arguably the most beloved release in the history of the franchise. Then, hearts were broken when it was revealed this was just a hype reel of what a PS3 and Squares new “crystal engine” were capable of and no remaster/remake was actually in the works. The world was sad.

Fast forward to 2015 and the day finally came. Ten-plus years of wishing, begging, pleading and writing to Santa… it finally happened. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake was announced at Sony’s E3 press conference and the crowd went wild. No details of release windows, just the promise that it was coming. Shortly after, in an unusual move, Square announced that the game would be released episodically, but without offering any real detail on how these episodes would be split from the main game.

Aaaand now we’re back in 2019, and the jigsaw of the FF7:R remake continues to fall in to place.

We now know that the game we’re getting is only “Episode 1”, focusing around the Midgar section of the game, but we know Midgar makes up roughly 10% of the original game. Also, we know what we’re getting is a fully reimagined Midgar that is going to be equal to its own massive game that currently spans two Blu-ray disks!

So with that, it raises the obvious question… how many episodes are there?

Will these “episodes” be bound to this generation? FF7:R launches March 30th 2020, which we expect to be mere months before the launch of Playstation 5, or whatever it’s called (it’s going to be PS5 though let’s be honest). With the episode releasing so close to a new generation of console, will we see a cross-gen launch? Or will Square rely on the promise of backwards compatibility?

Even with the release now less than a year away, I feel like we still have more questions than answers about what’s going on with this long-gestating remake. Looking back at past episodic series like Half-Life 2, all of this strikes fear in my heart.

Only time will tell, but either way, the hype is real, so let’s buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Are you concerned about the remake? Is it too ambitious? Want to tell us how excited you are because you simply can’t contain yourself? Sound off in the comments below!

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