Fortnite teases Endgame crossover

Ed Willey

Update 10:37 25th April

The latest patch to Fortnite (v8.50) adds the earlier-in-the-week teased crossover event. This time around joining one of the limited time mode games places you one of two teams, the Heroes, or team Thanos.

Switching up the rules from the standard battle royale formula, team Thanos must find the 6 infinity stones that have been scattered around the map (the first person on team Thanos to find one becomes the big purple guy), while the heroes must try and take Thanos down. Players will respawn on death until all infinity stones have been found, with each stone found adding to the stats of Thanos and his army.

How best to take out the most dangerous threat the galaxy has seen thus far? The heroes team must find the ‘Mythic Avengers items’ which include Thor’s ‘Stormbreaker axe, Captain America’s shield, Hawkeye’s bow, and Iron Man’s repulsor gauntlets.

No time limit has been specified for this special tie-in event, but going off previous ones expect to stick around for roughly a week.

Original story

Earlier today a couple of tweets appeared on the official Fortnite twitter, seemingly announcing a crossover with Avengers Endgame. Each tweet was accompanied by the text “Whatever it takes. 4.25.19.” which we have cleverly deduced means the updated will launch alongside the release of the highly anticipated movie later this week.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Epic has delved into the Marvel-verse, after last years Thanos lead tie-in with Infinity War, a move that allowed players to become the mad titan making them ever-so-slightly overpowered in the process. While we don’t know the specifics this time around, the images all but confirm Caps shield and Thors new Groot infused axe Stormbreaker to make an appearance, the rest we will see on Thurs.

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