Hasbro kickstarts giant Unicron Transformer

Ed Willey

In the run-up to Comic-Con later this week Hasbro have announced their largest ever Transformer, Unicron, the planet-eating robot voiced by the late Orson Welles, from the 1986 animated Transformers The Movie.

Having waited 33 years, Unicron’s debut is nothing short of monumental.

Unicron toy in prototype form
Unicron toy in prototype form

Measuring in at just over 27” tall in robot form and 30” in planet munching form, it’s by far the largest Transformers toy ever produced, but the mammoth bot will only ship if enough people commit to the eye-watering $574.99 price tag.

Listed on the Hasbro pulse website, where they regularly run limited and collected focused items, Hasbro is holding out for 8000 orders before they commit.

Do you fancy getting your hands on this beast of a toy? You have 46 days to make up your mind before the planet is consumed, maybe.


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