Is Stranger Things star heading to MCU?

Ed Willey

If, like millions of others, you’ve recently been binging on Stranger Things, you might like to know that bad boy Billy (Dacre Montgomery) may well be headed for a much anticipated role in Guardians if the Galaxy Vol. 3.l, as one Adam Warlock.

Spinning up the the rumour mill We Got This Covered revealed their sources close to the casting have Montgomery firmly in the running for the cosmic powerhouse.

The arrival of Warlock is something fans have been clamouring for since the first movie, and James Gunn and co seem to be paying attention given the credits scene on Guardians 2 where the golden priestess Ayesha is seemingly birthing a creation from a pod she dubs “Adam”. (His pod was also spotted in the collectors menagerie in Guardians 1!)

Adam Warlock
Adam Warlock

In the comics Adam, after a bout of fisticuffs, becomes a significant member of the Guardians largely not least because he’s a super-being who is strong, fast, durable, can fly and doesn’t need to eat or drink. He also heals himself in his weird pod thing. Pretty handy then.

He’ll could be a big presence in Guardians 3 and the MCU Phase 4 in general. There could be big things in store for Billy.

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