Netflix’s The Witcher - Trouble in Temeria

Ed Willey

With San Diego Comic Con looming on the horizon and more and more images being ebbed out into the world of Netflix’s The Witcher it is fair to say that anticipation is bubbling away nicely like a cauldron of Tawny Owl potion however with the buzz also comes a shadow of doubt especially amidst rumours that no one is happy with what they have already filmed.

The test footage of Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia released back in October last year was met with, let’s say a ‘mixed’ reaction. Most of the negative feedback revolves around Cavill’s looks so I won’t go into them here as they can be dismissed as fans not being able to reconcile the character they can picture in their head with the real world interpretation but what I will say is - that’s a bad wig. Luckily for us, though this was just a test shoot in the early days of pre-production, now around nine months later surely the creative team have ironed out the kinks … surely.

Well, all reports suggest that dodgy wigs are the least of The Witcher’s problems. The footage that will eventually make up the first episode has been shot but putting it together into a story has proven near impossible, a source from Netflix told ScreenCrunch that four different directors have been brought in to try their hand at slaying the beast. It has even gotten to the point where certain ‘Super’-stars are directly contacting the certain departments such as the editors to try and rope together a passable viewing experience. We won’t mention who but it shouldn’t be an impossible mission to figure out.

The first episode of any series is a total minefield, especially when taking on beloved source material and with the added pressure that a project like this that could be the next “Game of Thrones” we are worried that they are trying too hard to appease the wrong people. GoT wasn’t a hit until it was, the books existed in dark corners of nerdy bedrooms before becoming so mainstream your mum is a fan. (Just to be clear that is not intended as an urban diss). The Witcher already has a solid fan base and whilst appealing to fan bases and bowing to their demands isn’t a sure-fire way to make a great story (we’re looking at you Sonic movie) it would be wise to get the fans on board and allow a more casual audience to join in the monster hunting in their own time.

Perhaps we are jumping the gun, unduly panicking and the finished product will be a masterpiece - only time will tell. In the meantime here is a picture of a lovely horse.

Geralt and Roach
Geralt and Roach

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