New character and map changes in Apex Legends season 2

Ed Willey

Respawn has officially lifted the lid on season 2 of Apex Legends, bringing with it new playable character Wattson (unveiled at E3) and the first big changes to the map since launch.

Kings Canyon has been teasing the coming changes for a couple of weeks now, with increasingly frequent sightings of winged beasts and the giant leviathan monsters, seen out to sea, making their way closer to the shores of the map.

It seems the leviathans are finally making landfall in a big way, leaving a wake of destruction in their path. The gameplay video below shows several before/after shots showing how the destruction has affected areas of the map, with newcomer Wattson arriving just in the nick of time to help repair the damage and setting up several new structures.

This marks the first time a narrative structure has been applied to the game and it’ll be interesting to see how Respawn develops this aspect of the game that has served rival Fortnite so well.

Wattson and her new electric barrier ability
Wattson and her new electric barrier ability

Season 2 also brings with it emotes to perform whilst skydiving at the start of the match, and a new LMG weapon named L-Star and adds a ranked play mode, so fingers crossed no more getting 360 no-scoped by the pros in casual play (please?).

The new season begins on Tue 2nd July and will be aiming to avoid the criticism that accompanied season 1. Let’s see how that pans out.

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