New gameplay details emerge for Blair Witch

Ed Willey

Thanks to the lovely people at Game Informer, we now know a little more about how the game plays and some of the challenges you’ll face in the spookiest of spooky woods.

Set in 1996 and playing as Ellis, an ex-policeman, you’re searching for a missing girl with your trusty hound Bullet.

Bullet will become important during the game, with you able to issue him basic commands like inspecting items ahead of you, getting him to track items you’ve found by scent and him also retrieving items he’s found. You’ll cultivate a bond with the dog that could impact the likelihood of getting out of the odd sticky situation.

Not the safest of camping spots
Not the safest of camping spots

Elsewhere, your video camera (you couldn’t do Blair Witch without a video camera now could you!) will be used to solve puzzles. As you explore you’ll find tapes which, once played back, will affect the environment around you. One such example was a fallen tree blocking a path in the “real” world, you find a tape which shows the tree falling, rewind it and hey presto your path is unblocked.

Visually the game is looking pretty nice too, with suitably moody and foreboding wooded areas aplenty.

With the release date fast approaching you’ll be able to head out flashlight and camcorder in hand on Aug 30th on PC and Xbox One.

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