New Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series in the works

Ed Willey

Douglas Adams much loved intergalactic comedy is receiving a new TV series adaptation courtesy of HULU.

Deadline reports that the streaming service has picked up the rights and has tasked former LOST showrunner Carlton Cuse and writer Jason Fuchs (Wonder Woman) with bringing the show to the small screen.

Originally conceived as a radio play by Adams, this won’t be the first time the story has been adapted for TV having previously been aired as a six-part series by the BBC in 1981.

Of course, there was also the star-studded movie adaptation in 2005 in which Martin Freeman took the lead as main character Arthur Dent, who discovers his best friend, Ford Prefect is not from Earth at all, and saves him moments before the Vogons destroy the earth to make way for a hyperspace bypass, thus embarking on an intergalactic road trip.

No word on when to expect the series, but between the existing radio play, TV show and movie, you should be able to keep yourself entertained in the meantime.

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