Sonic movie pushed to next year

Ed Willey

It’s been a rough few weeks for fans of blue hedgehogs that move quickly. Not only did we get a less-than-welcome first look at the live-action movie, then a few days later the director, Jeff Fowler, announced they would be re-working the design of the main character stating in a tweet that “Everyone at Paramount & Sega are fully committed to making this character the BEST he can be”.

Speed forward a few weeks and the studio has now announced that the movie will open on 14th Feb 2020, a shift of 3 months from the original 7th Nov date. Given the speculation about the amount of work involved in re-tooling a CGI main character in order to hit the previous Nov deadline, the fact they’re willing to push the movie to spend more time it is a welcome one.

A bold design by all involved, but welcome none the less.

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