Square Enix Marvel’s Avengers A-Day Trailer, Gameplay & Beta reveal

Cole Lilley

After Square Enix’s ‘Avengers Project’ was announced several E3’s ago, superhero fans have waited with baited breath to find out details about exactly what the game would shape up to be.

At long last we have been blessed with a full trailer for the project from Square Enix’s E3 conference, simply titled Marvel’s Avengers (much in the same vein as Sony’s Marvel’s Spider-Man from 2017), as well as a very brief glimpse of some of the dramatic third-person action gameplay, during which it seems the player will take the reins of some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes themselves.

Story-wise, it looks as though the game will document a brand new chapter in the lives of the Avengers as they receive a pretty dramatic fall from grace after failing to prevent a large scale attack on San Francisco by an as-yet unrevealed villainous entity, resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians.

There are plenty of familiar faces to be seen during the trailer, as well as some deeper references Marvel’s comic book lore, meaning that the game will remain as far from a terrible movie tie-in as you can get (fans rejoice!)

The trailer was also followed by the announcement of a Beta period for pre-orders, with more information to come, but they did let slip you’ll be able to play with friends, all new heroes and regions will be free and NO LOOTBOXES (cue cheering).

Take a look at the trailer below and let us know your thoughts! Are you excited to see more? Do you remain skeptical, despite Square Enix & Crystal Dynamic’s recent gaming triumphs, FFXV & Shadow Of The Tomb Raider? Avengers fans, assemble!

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