The Bells scores lowest of all Thrones episodes

Ed Willey

It’s fair to say this weeks episode of Game of Thrones has gotten everyone talking, although maybe not quite in the way the showrunners were hoping.

The Bells, the penultimate episode of the final, last-ever season of Game of Thrones has caused quite the stir online following its debut in the states on Sun evening, prompting keeper of the holy scores, Rotten Tomatoes, to tweet out some hard truths.

Since posting the above infographic the score has continued to decline as more reviews have come in, with it now sitting at just 47% at the time of writing.

Showrunners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss will certainly be feeling the ‘heat’ for the episode, with the main complaints being this series’ story wrap-ups feeling rushed and characters being done a disservice given the amount of development and buildup over the past 7 seasons. With Benioff and Weiss confirmed to be moving over to their Stars Wars trilogy project, all eyes will certainly be on the final episode next week. But can it deliver??

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