The Witcher Trailer Is Here To Answer Some Questions

Az Joyce

Netflix’s upcoming Witcher series has been a hot topic here at ScreenCrunch. Just the other day we reported that the upcoming first season was going through some production woes. With 4 directors being brought in to work on the first episode.

Today though we’ve received the first trailer for The Witcher, and I personally think it looks great. Cavill looks far better than the original test images let on. It also looks like the show has a pretty substantial budget, no punches were pulled on CGI/world building. Though based on what sources have told us, hopefully it’s not more style over substance.

For anyone who was potentially worried the trailer gives off a very adult vibe, in line with the books / games. No official date is given just yet either, just “Coming Soon”, we’ll keep you posted on that.

If you haven’t already check out the trailer below!

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