WWE Network Getting Long Overdue Overhaul

Az Joyce

Over 5 years after its initial launch the WWE Network app(s) are FINALLY getting an overhaul, starting today! The roll out will apparenly be in phases over the week, at the time of writing I only have access to the new interface on my iPhone and not my LG TV, Xbox One or PS4.

The new update sports better search functions, meaning users may actually get useful results when searching for literally anything. Searching on the original version of the app was atrocious and searching a PPV name would give you useless results, even if you entered the events year.

The refresh also touts having better time scrubbing, so no more awkward rewind and forward functions. A new feature of the app is superstar pages, where you can get full bio’s for each and even select your favourites for suggested content when you come back to the app.

According to WWE this is only phase 1 of their upgrade process, with phase 2 coming at a later date which will introduce a tiered structure to the Networks subscription. This long rumoured feature has been brewing for a while now and will apparently include events like the Evolve 10th Anniversary Show that recently aired on the Network. WWE having relationships with companies like Evolve, Progress and ICW make this extremely interesting for content from other indie promotions with the opportunity to have programming on the Network. According to ProWrestlingSheet‘s Ryan Satin, the tiers will be Free and VIP, with WWE stating that information on these tiers will be available in the coming months.

Are you excited about the WWE Network finally getting a fresh lick of paint? Let us know below in the comments!

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